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Mess and Labor: Won't My Gown Get Ruined?

by Julie Berg May 04, 2016

We know what you’re thinking, and we totally understand! If we’re really honest with ourselves, labour and delivery can be a bit of a messy process. But we have designed our gowns with a lot of great features that tend to leave them in great condition after all that work! In fact, Julie (our founder) has worn a 3-in-1 gown for two different births, and her experience is proof! She writes:


“I had two labours where I wore my gown and got nothing on it. My nurses took great care of my dress!”


Here’s her theory as to why: Our gowns are designed to unsnap in specific areas so that the gowns can be moved out of the way.  They are also  beautiful and unique. They stand apart from the usual hospital gowns that go into the laundry with all the other linens so many nurses take great care of your personal items! Many of our customers have gotten numerous compliments on their dresses, specifically from their nurses!

Julie was also in the unique situation of having both babies be overdue by six days, so there was very little vernix.


However, all labors are different, and your dress may not escape the events unscathed. But that’s okay! Our gowns are all made out of a special bamboo fabric that is stain-resistant, antimicrobial, and antibacterial. Our gowns wash up perfectly! In fact, we are so sure your gown will be good to go once you get home and wash it, we’ll send you a new one if it doesn’t!    

So go ahead and do this for yourself. Our gowns are beautiful and unique, and YOURS. Much more comfortable and covering (see this blog post) than a hospital gown (or gowns) that have been worn by however many people before you. Shop today!

Julie Berg
Julie Berg