Kinsley Knot Gown + 2-in-1 Hat

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After 3 kids of my own, we wanted to share with all of you our favorite baby essentials! 


Knotty Gown



Specifically designed for your newborns comfort, with the added bonus of making diaper changes a breeze! 



~ Adjustable length design ~
Thes knot gowns are specifically designed for the comfort of your beautiful bundle. For newborn babies, tie the bottom of the gown in a knot (photo #1) to imitate a close tight womb-like feel.As your baby grows, tie the bottom in a "fish tail" like knot as shown in photo 2. This will allow their legs to be fully extended but still covered. 

~ Foldover mits ~
Fold over mittens to protect your baby from scratches and keep your bundle warm!  Simply fold the cuff on the sleeve forward, wrapping around baby's hand.

~ Lap shoulders ~
Deisgned for the dreaded 'poop explosion'. yes mama it happens :S Simply fold back the lap shoulders working the gown down the body rather than up and over the head.



Matching hat 



Both the Swaddle and Knotty Gown options come with a matching hat which be worn two different ways giving you 2 looks! 



 The knotted beanie style and the knotted rabbit ear style



~ Laundering ~
Machine wash and dry on regular




Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Got the mommy and me set!

This set is absolutely gorgeous and I cant wait to use it with my mini me. The swaddle is very soft.

Super Customer Service, Great Product

Had a small problem with tracking and the item being out of stock. This was fixed within 24 hours and I received my package, complete with gift for my troubles, within 3 days! Love the gown, swaddle, and hat! Thanks!