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10 reasons to wear birthing gown

Looking for the perfect alternative to the uncomfortable one-size fits NONE, recycled hospital gown, which leaves you exposed? Look no further!
labor gowns in action
  1. Comfort - it is no surprise that after being used over and over again AND continuously bleached, the traditional hospital gown fabric is stiff, starchy and not very comfortable. Our 3-in-1 birthing gowns are made from high quality bamboo fabric which is soft on both mom and baby's sensitive skin.
  2. Skin-To-Skin and Breastfeeding -for moms who are planning on breastfeeding and do skin-on-skin immediately, the hospital gown isn't at all functional once baby arrives and you will have to take it off to gain access.  Our birthing gown has snaps or buttons on shoulders for easy access for skin-to-skin & breastfeeding with your newborn minutes after your babe is born.
  3. Versatility - Our 3-in-1 birthing gown will get mama-to-be comfortably through her last part of pregnancy, right into the delivery room and into her postpartum nursing and bonding days with her new bundle of joy!
  4. Modesty – you won’t feel exposed while walking up and down the corridor when you are trying to progress labour as our 3-in-1 birthing gown has discrete snaps that  can remain closed until you need access.
  5. Confidence & Empowerment – Making the choice to put on a traditional hospital
    gown or not is usually the first of many a woman will make during her labour. You may feel that by putting on a hospital gown you have transformed into a sick patient, and perhaps a patient without a voice in her birthing process. You may find that choosing something that’s comfortable and that’s yours as opposed to the immodest, uncomfortable and unfashionable hospital gown is a great first step to a more empowering and confident labour. The choice is yours!
  6. The Fit ~ Our 3-in-1 birthing gown is not a one-sized fits all gown because we ALL know one size DOES NOT fit all.  We have different sizes so that the gown will fit you properly and we have different styles to provide a flattering look for every body type (unfortunately hospital gowns are not sized for plus sized women and you will be provided with more than one gown to ‘cover' yourself.  This is restricting and not at all comfortable.)
  7. Hospital Approved ~  Our 3-in-1 birthing Gowns are hospital approved.  They can be worn throughout labour and delivery as they allow easy access to all necessary areas. Our gowns are also perfect for c-section deliveries instead of hospital gown as it has c-section incision inspection and healing access.
  8. Bust Support - Our 3-in-1 birthing gown has an empire waist which provides bust support so you don't need to wear a bra which can be restricting.  Plus it is a perfect maternity dress for your ever growing belly!
  9. Delivery Access - has snaps all the way down the front and back to get the birthing gown out of the way during actual delivery of your bundle of joy!
  10. First Pictures – your first pictures will not be with you and your newborn in an ugly blue hospital gown!
 For all our new birthing gowns, made from revolutionary high quality fabric - an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and stain-proof fabric  - We guarantee that it will wash up and remove stains should you happen to get something on it from the delivery. We want our 3-in-1 gown to be YOUR go-to comfy, yet stylish postpartum outfit while you are recovering and bonding with your new bundle of joy!  

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