THE LUXE Aurora 3-in-1 Maternity, Birthing & Nursing Gown

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Searching for comfort, functionality, and modesty during your labor and delivery? If you said yes, our hospital approved 3-in-1 maternity, birthing, and nursing gown is the perfect fit!
  • Provides immediate skin-to-skin access.
  • Very discreet front opening, allowing for fetal monitoring.
  • Easy to care and maintain.
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    Here’s why our 3-in-1 birthing gowns have become the go-to choice for expecting mothers’ birthing needs:

    Hospital Approved in the USA & CANADA.
    ✔ A solution to the immodest hospital gown (no need to cover your backside as you walk around the hospital!).
    ✔ Helps facilitate easy and immediate access for skin-to-skin and breastfeeding without having to struggle with excess fabric. Simply unsnap two snaps on each shoulder for complete access.
    ✔ Anti-microbial fabric and 100% guaranteed to wash thoroughly and not to stain (96% Rayon from Bamboo/4% Lycra Spandex).
    Doctors, nurses, and midwives have complete medical access for:

    • Fetal Monitors
    • Epidural and IV administration
    • Ultrasounds Access
    • C-Section Incision Inspection

    Treat your moms-to-be and help them achieve a comfortable pregnancy—the best baby shower or gender reveal party gift!

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    *Limited Edition- once this gown is out of stock it will not be stocked again*


    Medical Access

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    It was great!

    I didn’t end up wearing the dress for during delivery, but it was still worth it for after! Worked with the IV that was still in and was comfortable and it gave easy access to breast feed. Best part was that it wasn’t white like the hospital dresses so I could get up and walk to the washroom without fear of blood showing through it. Definitely worth the purchase


    4 star for the dress. It is good quality material, feels nice, fits well. The only thing I wish it had was a bit more support in the bust area. I have a large chest size but smaller rib cage so going to a med fit well in the bust without bagging everywhere else ( which is the toruble I find with most clothing for me). I found I would appreciate just a bit more support for the girls, especially with nursing afterwards but I still like it a lot even without the support. Its a really great product and would get it again for sure