Natasha 3-in-1 Birthing Gown/ Labor and Delivery Gown - Navy (XS and X - Dressed To Deliver

Natasha 3-in-1 Birthing Gown/ Labor and Delivery Gown - Navy (XS and XL only)

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Searching for comfort, functionality, and modesty during your labor and delivery? If you said yes, our 3-in-1 birthing gown is the perfect fit! When you wear our birthing gowns, you will be amazed at how different they feel from the traditional hospital gowns handed out by hospitals.  

Are you ready to hear the best part?

Here’s why our 3-in-1 birthing gowns have become the go-to choice for expecting mothers’ birthing needs.

  • Our birthing gowns are hospital APPROVED in the USA and Canada!
  • You will be able to walk freely around the hospital without feeling exposed or having to wear two hospital gowns uncomfortably.
  • Doctors, nurses and midwives will have complete medical access for fetal monitors, epidural or IV administration without you having to bare it all.
  • You will have IMMEDIATE, easy access for skin to skin and breastfeeding without the struggle of excess fabric. Simply unsnap two snaps on each shoulder for complete access. You can keep the remainder of your birthing gown on your body for your comfort and discreetness unlike the hospital gown, which you would end up taking off to get skin to skin and breastfeeding access.
  • You will have the luxury of wearing something that is your own, that you can wash in your own detergent and that has not been used over sixty times by others.
  • The buttery soft, luxurious, bamboo fabric used to make your 3-in-1 birthing gown will be your go-to dress during your later parts of your pregnancy and postpartum, during those first visitors and late night feeds with your new bundle!
  • If you need to have a c-section, our birthing gown is the perfect option postpartum.  Our gowns are an empire waist so it will not hit your incision and your medical staff will have full access for c-section incision inspection.
  • Want to use them for your next pregnancy? Our gowns are 100% washable, and guaranteed not to stain or you will get a replacement! Just dry, reuse, or pack away for the next time you have a baby.
Our  3-in-1 Birthing Gown/ Labor and Delivery Gown is all about providing the perfect combination of comfort, functionality and modesty.  You will look radiant and feel comfortable during your pregnancy, while giving birth as well as postpartum.  Now that’s what we call 3 in 1!  


Our 3-in-1 Birthing Gown/ Labor and Delivery Gown is easily one of the best gifts you can receive, give to someone, or treat yourself with!

If you know someone who is pregnant, gift them our soft, luxurious 3-in-1 Birthing Gown/ Labor and Delivery Gown. Surprise them at the baby shower with something that they will thank you for years to come.  


melanie birthing gown in action

 "March 7th 10:52pm. I couldn't have imagined wearing anything else in the hospital! It was perfect and helped me be so comfortable."~Holly Ann L.


"I'm so glad you make these beautiful gowns and that I got to use one during this birth! I was so incredibly comfortable and didn't have to bother with itchy gowns at all. It was wonderful being mobile and modest while using the restroom and walking the halls and it worked great for the anesthesiologist as well! It took some nurses a while to get used to but in the end they all loved it also. Thanks for providing us with such a beautiful product!" ~ Lietzel K.
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      fetal monitoringI wore my birthing gown when I gave birth to my daughter two weeks ago. Here the midwife is listening to the baby's heart beat through the front snaps of the gown. These birthing gowns are seriously awesome! Much more modest than just a t-shirt and way more comfortable than a hospital gown. I would recommend them to any pregnant mother ~ Melanie J

      "Welcomed our sweet baby boy Arliegh Evan Wiebe into the world last Thursday and was so beautiful mom and babygrateful for my delivery gown. I was able to put it on the first day even with having had a cesarean. Very easy to put on and allowed great access to for nursing. Thank you for providing something that was not only comfortable but helped me feel beautiful and semi human again in what can be very overwhelming and vulnerable circumstances." ~ Chelsie Wiebe

      "Getting one of these gowns was the best decision ever! The hospital gowns are scratchy and super hot which make labor even more uncomfortable, so when i got a chance to change into my dressed to deliver gown I felt worlds better even though I was super uncomfortable with my labor... having all the snaps in the proper locations was a huge help.. it even threw the nurses for a loop. They keep asking where did u get this gown it's awesome. So I had to share. My son is 3.5 weeks old and we still use the gown at home for nursing. The material used is really soft, and breathable for when we both are overheating. Thank you so much for my gown." ~ Cory Bales

      erin and beautiful twinsI just loved my hospital gown! I had a c section for my twins and used this as my post op gown as well as my clothing choice for the majority of my hospital stay, which made doctor checks and nursing much easier. We had professional photos taken in our hospital room and I received so many compliments on my gown! Everyone was shocked it wasn't just a nice dress. Thank you for this wonderful option! ~ Erin H.


















      A. Our birthing gowns were designed with the labour and delivery experience in mind and have all the features of a hospital gown and more. What is unique about our birthing gowns is that they are not an one-time-use product as they can be worn during labour and delivery, but also before, as a maternity dress and after for nursing and skin-on-skin contact with your newborn! We believe that the quality fabric, elegant design and versatility of our birthing gown makes it the best birthing gown on the market…and for your dollar! 


      A.    Our birthing gowns have all the function of a hospital gown and more. Discreet Snaps that run the length of the back of the birthing gown ensure access for epidurals if necessary, and quick and easy removal of the gown if requiring an emergency c-section. Unlike hospital gowns, our birthing gowns have front snaps and buttons which allow for discreet access for fetal monitors, skin-on-skin and breastfeeding. Contrary to the standard hospital gown, our birthing gowns are made from a soft, breathable and flexible fabric and also keep you completely concealed as the back only opens when you want it to.  The empire waist of the birthing gown also provides bust support. Our fitted yet comfortable design keep you supported, elegant and concealed at the same time!


      A.     If you are having a planned c-section, you may want to wear a standard hospital gown for the procedure. However, after most c-sections, you remain in the hospital for about three days. The front snaps allow for easy access for daily inspection of your incision and prevent irritation to your incision (which can't occur with pajamas). PLUS,  our birthing gowns are a great piece of clothing to have postpartum for skin-on-skin contact and breastfeeding access is also made easy with our design. The soft, breathable fabric that our gowns are made of will keep you comfortable and cozy as you recover and care for your newborn.


      A. The following are estimated shipping time (Please allow 1-2 business days for processing) ▪   Canada: 3-7 business days ▪   USA, UK, Australlia: 7-10 business days ▪   International Express: 7-14 busines days ▪   International Regular: 1-2 months If expedited shipping is required, please contact us to arrange.


      A. Birthing gowns that are unworn and have the original tag attached can be exchanged for another colour or size of gown. Shipping of the returned gown (including brokerage fees, where applicable) and the replacement gown are the responsibility of the customer. 


      1. Comfort - it is no surprise that after being used over and over again AND continuously bleached, the traditional hospital gown fabric is stiff, starchy and not very comfortable. Our 3-in-1 gowns are made from high quality bamboo fabric which is soft on both mom and baby's sensitive skin.
      2. Versatility - Our 3-in-1 gowns will get mama-to-be comfortably through her last part of pregnancy, right into the delivery room and into her postpartum nursing and bonding days with her new bundle of joy!
      3. Modesty – you won’t feel exposed while walking up and down the corridor when you are trying to progress labour as our 3-in-1 gowns have discrete snaps that  cane remain closed until you need access.
      4. Confidence & Empowerment – Making the choice to put on a traditional hospital gown or not is usually the first of many a woman will make during her labour. You may feel that by putting on a hospital gown you have transformed into a sick patient, and perhaps a patient without a voice in her birthing process. You may find that choosing something that’s comfortable and that’s yours as opposed to th e immodest, uncomfortable and unfashionable hospital gown is a great first step to a more empowering and confident labour. Choose something that allows you to be
      5. The Fit ~ Our 3-in-1 gowns are not a one-sized fits all gown because we ALL know one size DOES NOT fit all.  We have different sizes so that the gown will fit you properly and we have different styles to provide a flattering look for every body type (unfortunately hospital gowns are not sized for plus sized women and you will be provided with more than one gown to ‘cover' yourself.  This is restricting and not at all comfortable.)
      6. Hospital Approved ~  Our 3-in-1 Gowns are hospital approved.  They can be worn throughout labour and delivery as they allow easy access to all necessary areas. Our gowns are also perfect for c-section deliveries instead of hospital gown as it has c-section incision inspection and healing access.
      7. Bust Support - you 3-in-1 gowns all have an empire waist which provides bust support so you don't need to wear a bra which can be restricting.  Plus it is a perfect maternity dress for your ever growing belly!
      8. Skin-To-Skin and Breastfeeding -for moms who are planning on breastfeeding and do skin-on-skin immediately, the hospital gown isn't at all functional once baby arrives and you will have to take it off to gain access.  Our gowns have snaps or buttons on shoulders for easy access for skin-to-skin & breastfeeding with your newborn minutes after your babe is born. Continue to bond and  breastfeeding comfortably and easily in your gown during the weeks and months after your bundle of joy is born!
      9. Delivery Access - has snaps all the way down the front and back to get the gown out of the way during actual delivery of your bundle of joy!
      10. First Pictures – your first pictures will not be with you and your newborn in an ugly blue hospital gown!
      If your question has not been answered, please email us with your question at

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