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Why Hospital Gowns Are Terrible for the Delivery Room!

by Julie Berg March 21, 2016

There are many reasons why you may forego the traditional hospital gown on your special day!

But, the reason we set out to create Dressed to Deliver 3-in-1 birthing gowns really boils down to one thing: hospital gowns were never designed with labor and delivery in mind.

This unfortunate reality plays out for women all over the globe in the delivery room.  

Why are hospital gowns so bad?....

Here are our favorite reasons why maternity hospital gowns need to be redesigned for the special needs of a women in labor: 

One size does NOT fit ALL 
One of our major issues with hospital gowns is their one-size-fits-all attitude! They are absolutely not one size fits all, and we have had numerous moms tell us that they have had to use two to three or even four hospital gowns to feel covered, before they used our labor gowns. Now, how awkward to be laboring in such a haphazard outfit! Gowns should come in all shapes and sizes to fit patients more closely.

Immodest accessibility ‘moments’ cannot be avoided
They definitely weren’t designed with labor and delivery in mind. There are so many uncomfortable and immodest moments when gowns have to be pulled all the way up or down during labor and delivery. There’s also no modest and easy access for epidurals or easy post C-section access for incision checks! And skin to skin after birth? Forget it! Where will baby go? You’ll have to take your gown off to get your precious newborn to your chest. 

Without proper access, breastfeeding is a clumsy mess
Breastfeeding in a hospital gown is a clumsy mess as most hospital gowns don’t have proper access for breastfeeding and the last thing you want when you and your newborn are getting the hang of breastfeeding and getting your newborn to properly latch is to have that uncomfortable gown in your way!
Harsh chemical stricken gowns on mom & newborn, no thank you! 
They are uncomfortable! They’ve been worn, washed, and bleached to death making them itchy and not very soft. Who wants to snuggle their new baby into a gross, threadbare hospital gown. 
Worn over & over by... who knows... and not just in the L&D ward 
Speaking of being washed and washed, they’ve been worn and worn. And not just by other women in labor and delivery, either. Those things have been all over the hospital and worn by all kinds of sick people and possibly the dead... (thank goodness for the bleach they use I guess…) Yikes! 
Good-bye Disheveled Hospital Gown 1st pictures with you and baby! 
Most of the time the pictures taken right after you have a baby are usually with the gown all disheveled!  They are so ugly! Okay, this is pretty minor as far as things go, but still.  You don't need to have your first photo with your beautiful baby to be in a drab, washed out, old hospital rag. Especially since there is another option! 
There are lots of reasons for choosing Dressed to Deliver’s more comfortable, modest and versatile 3-in-1 maternity, labor & nursing gown instead of the dreaded hospital gown for your special day. 
From comfort and self-esteem to straight function, hospital gowns are by far the worst outfit for giving birth.

Our gowns are welcomed in the delivery rooms and are guaranteed to come clean after.
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which also explains our fabric guarantee! YES, our gowns wash up so well after labor and delivery that we actually guarantee it!

You can also wear them before the big day, and for something put-together and breastfeeding friendly after the baby comes.

Julie Berg
Julie Berg



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