In-Hospital Program


Helping hospitals keep mom more comfortable + discreet during labor and delivery. Facilitate immediate skin-to-skin contact + breastfeeding.


Dressed to Deliver’s Birthing Gown product line is designed to provide optimal functionality for healthcare professionals while providing comfort and dignity for the delivering mother, as well as providing health advantages for both mom and baby.

As part of our ongoing commitment to partner with healthcare professionals and to help improve patient experience and best care practices, we've created products that provide enhanced patient comfort and dignity, while maintaining optimal medical accessibility. Our product also support health care advantages for both mom + baby by providing quicker and easier skin-to-skin and breastfeeding access, which studies have shown helps to increase breastfeeding rates.

We are inspired by the care you take with every delivering mom and strive to work with you every step of the way to make your experience with our product simple and successful.

Hospitals are incredibly busy places where all members are focused on delivering the best patient care possible. This is why we developed all the tools and resources that will allow your hospital to safely and efficiently launch a Dressed to Deliver product trial in your unit.



We invite you to learn more + take advantage of our free sample offer to learn how our products can help improve your patient’s experience and care. 



Replacing the current hospital gowns with Dressed to Deliver’s birthing gown in your unit will help...

  • Keep mom more comfortable and covered during her labor & delivery, proven to raise patient satisfaction.
  • Support health care advantages for mom + baby  further enhancing hospital’s friendly or skin-to-skin initiatives
  • Improving Patient experience and thus Increasing HCAHPS rating
  • Provide optimal medical access allowing quicker and easier skin-to-skin contact for mom & baby, increasing time spent skin-to-skin which studies have shown helps to increase breastfeeding rates and will allow your hospital tofurther foster WHO and UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative.

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    Sizing Chart

    Make sure to check your size before purchasing your gown to make sure you get the best fit possible!

    Find your bra band measurement by measuring around your bust.  Round up to the nearest half-inch. 


    NOTE: In the case that you are less than 28 weeks pregnant, please contact us:

    We will ask you to provide us with additional measurements to size you accordingly, as your ribcage may expand further.
    [Illustration of how to determine a woman's bra band size]